• We at Arcue Technologies have developed several static, dynamic responsive websites and corporate, business-oriented web applications using different technologies and across the platforms. We have a well expertise, very experienced and professional web application development team that consists of highly trained individuals who are well versed in their field. We provide an opportunity for students to learn under the supervision of our well oriented and well experienced web development team.

    What We Offer

     Arcue Technologies offer professional web development courses in PHP, Word press, and other web technologies such as ASP Dot Net MVC and ASP Dot Net Core. Today, there is a huge demand for website development; every company or startup wants to have their presence on the internet and wants to show the whole world their products and services using web sites as a platform and digital signature. Now-a-days website is the best way to introduce your company or firm to the client and expand your reach. New technologies are being introduced in the web development field as hundreds of thousands of new websites are being built daily. If you want to do Web Development Course, Arcue Technologies is a perfect place to learn web development. The whole web development course will be project based and task oriented. Students will learn new and innovative technologies in Web Development Course. We also offer Online Classes to Students who cannot visit our office.  After completion of the course, you will be able to develop websites and web applications with full expertise.

    We have a history to offer quality software and IT courses at an affordable price. After the completion, of web development course, students will be handed over the company's course completion certificate. Arcue Technologies has a limited number of seats for a web development course in PHP or word press. We also offer website development course on other platforms. Arcue Technologies has already completed over 50 batches of students of web development and other courses. The website development course is both for beginners and professionals.


    Course certificate will be offered after the completion of the course, but students would have to complete the final task or project at the end of the course to be eligible to acquire a certificate.  Our students include not only bachelors or fresh graduates but also professional developers which want to further improve their skills, knowledge and expertise. We make sure that project based approach should be used in the project. Tasks and assignments are given regularly throughout the course, which helps students to grab things quickly and easily.

    Who can attend the course

    Students & Graduates of Computer Science & Information Technology
    Students & Graduates of any other discipline looking for future in IT
    Any other person willing to learn Mobile Application Development

    We guide our students at every step and they learn all the things by practically, but we also encourage students to work on their own like giving them tasks and lab work regularly during the course. Students would have to submit the final task after the completion of the course after that they will be eligible for company's certificate.

    Course Duration

    Duration of the website development course is One month, two months and full stack web development course's duration is 3 months; Classes of web development course with duration of one month will be held regularly for one hour on "Monday" to "Friday", and for two and three months duration classes will be held on pre planned scheduled days and for 1.5 hours duration. In case if students wants to do ful stack web development course in PHP, Laravel or ASP Dot Net (MVC) and ASP Dot Net Core, we also offer web designing course or front end web development course which will be consist on front end technologies like; HTML,CSS ,Java Script, JQuery, AJAX and Bootstrap. Otherwise if students just wants to do web development course in PHP or Dot Net, then we will just give introduction on HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery and Bootstrap and our more emphasis will be on backend languages i.e. is PHP, C# and MVC or DotNet Core and in the case of PHP Laravel as a framework depending on students choice which they pick.  

    What you will Learn

     Our extensive project-driven course covers complete web development that includes a programming language like C#, PHP front end technologies like:- HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, AJAX, Bootstrap, and frameworks like Laravel, MVC, Webforms depends on the student which language or platform he chooses.

    Students will be introducing to different database and will learn in-depth about:- Network Databases, Relational Database and No- SQL databases. We will also teach students about Firebase. Web Development course will also include learning and developing Web Services, API and integrating of different API like Facebook, Google, Weather API and third party tools.

    Throughout the course, a project-based approach will be used. Students will develop Commercial level web applications. The final task or project would be implemented using the professional approach best practices and all standards of Software Engineering will follow.

    You can contact us by leaving an inquiry on our "Contact Us" page. Our team will contact you within 24 hours.