Basic IT Courses

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In basic IT courses, we offer students to learn Word, Excel, Power Point and Installation of windows.

Complete operating system of windows will also be part of course. Students will also be able to learn how to use and browse internet. Students will learn to work on laptops and computer.

 What you will learn?

It is important and very necessary to have enough information to operate computers. Arcue Technologies help beginners to learn to operate computer, and train them to work on them. After completion of Basic IT Course, you will have hands on grip on Word, Excel and power point, and can completely work on them yourself without any external help and can apply for any job related to Word and Excel. You will also learn complete operating systems of windows and can use and exploit internet to your full advantage like a pro.

In Basic It course we will first run you through all the basic concepts of computer and windows and then will train you on word, excel and power points, you will learn under the supervision of our professional team, which consists of highly skilled and tech savvy individuals. After completion of the course, you will be eligible to apply for data entry jobs, Data Scraping, Data Migrations, Data Crawling, typing and content writing.