• Arcue Technologies has a very diverse range of clients who have taken advantage of our unique business consulting abilities and our IT services. As our offering is quite vast, ranging from IT to digital marketing and sales, we strive to listen to what the businesses are going through and how we can provide a great solution or our expert opinion. We take a more strategic and holistic approach as opposed to the industry norm, which is usually project-based. Our strength is transparency, agility, and to provide value to our clients. We would love to know how dots connect in your business and how we could provide synergies to take your business to the next level.

    About the C.E.O Mr. Rafay Qasim has worked for 10 years in Australia within the IT industry, Finance industry, Education industry, some of them being Fortune 500 companies. His diverse industry vertical experience puts him in a great position to understand the unique business problems. As he worked in IT, Sales, and digital marketing to a great extent that allows him to understand synergies and value proposition in practical terms. He has done a bachelor of business from the University of Technology Sydney with Majors in Accounting and Marketing.